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why do married men cheat on their wives

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A brief description of cheating is an act of deception, lying, fraud, trickery, imposture, or imposition. Cheating implies breaking rules. With this is mind comes the big question, why do married men cheat on their wives? As I was doing research on the internet on this interesting topic, I came across many articles with various reasons on why married people cheat and in particular why married men cheat on the wives.
Some statistics say that roughly 50 percent of married men will cheat, and at least 81 percent won't admit to it even after a woman asks that searing question.
One website has top 10 reasons why married men cheat. Below is the list from that site.
1. Boredom - Men tend to get bored of their married life. Life at times become monotonous.
2. A roving eye -Men are supposed to have a roving eye.They like looking and admiring other women.
3. A nagging wife - Many husbands get fed up with a nagging wife at home.
4. A neglected wife - A man gets fed up with a wife who does not take care of herself and prefers a better looking woman.
5. Sexual incompatibility - A few years down the line a husband may feel his emotional and physical needs are not being met.
6. To try out something new - A man feels he needs a change of scene and would like to spend time with someone different.
7. Easy access to female companionship - Often on bussiness trips, a man tends to take advantage of being with another female colleague and enters into a relationship with her.
8. Male ego - some husbands often feel superior about being a man and like to focus on their macho qualities of being able to attract another woman.
9. Peer pressure - Some friends may cajole a him into trying out something new.
10. Wife paying too much attention to children and household chores - a husband may feel neglected, because he wants more attention, so he gets an excuse to get it from an outsider.
I disagree the above reasons, I believe these are just excuses that allow men to cheat. If there is a problem in a marriage I believe the best way is to solve it or make it better
I strongly believe it is wrong for a married man to cheat on his wife, regardless of the reason that leads him to do so. I am not trying to be harsh on men, we hear all the time cases of married women cheating on their husbands as well. Everyone should remember the vows they exchanged when they got married, the promise to foresake all others and be faithful only to him or her. For those who did not officially get married, they at least made promises to each other before agreeing to start a life together. What do you think?

Two celebrities reminders: Tiger Woods and Jesse James affairs.

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  1. I don't condone a man or a women who cheat. I can only assume that when it is happening, the person doing it usually is able to justify it in their mind and doesn't really intend to hurt the other person. I was in a marriage 25 years ago that ended because of that very thing. It made a lasting scar on me and I had to work hard to trust after it.

    I'm not more forgiving of it, but I do think there are circumstances where it shouldn't necessarily end a marriage, but should definately be cause for some intense marriage counseling.

  2. The reasons men do cheat are simple. They lack the basic points and principles in marriage. In my opinion,these points and principles are readiness to commit themsevles, maturity, knowing what marriage it really means, and the most important of all is the fear of God.

    If men don't have these points in minds and go into marriage, they are not only cheating their wives but also cheating themselves. Some of the ten top lists are not the reasons of cheating.

    When I say this, it does not mean there is perfection in marriage. Errors can be corrected, counseling mend relationships. Marriage not only takes two but also family, community, people around you.

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  4. well,cheating it self is a sin,especially in Christianity is considered to be against the faith,a person who cheat is known to be unfaithful, there are so many factors that influence men to cheat on their wives,this factors are; biological factor i.e. man are made not to resist sexual temptation therefore its very easy for a man to cheat when his woman is away,also historical stereo type of men,i.e. a man can cheat to his wife and expect easy forgiveness from his woman so they do not consider cheating as a big deal

    My advice to all men is, they should be god fearing and faithful in respectful to their personalities,partners personalizes,and others in the society,love and caring for their love ones and maintain closeness among each other it some thing very important and every man should know this

  5. I believe that cheating and lying is an issue that is close to humans. I think it probably has something to do with a person's upbringing and what he/she is taught from when he/she is young. I think that cheating is very wrong, and perhaps some of it has to do with the way men are portrayed in society?

  6. Cheating is defiantly wrong, and can be seen more prevalently with men, this is true. I think that this is the case because of one major reason. The importance of the family unit has been lost in recent society. Back in the day, the success of the family unit was dependant on having all crucial family members present. The father usually built the house and hunted for the food. The mother usually tended to the children and care of the household. And the children assisted their parents of carrying out all needed tasks. In recent society individualism is the new family. I’m not suggesting that we revert to “back in the day” concerning the family unit. I’m just saying that, something had to be right, considering the success rate of marriages back then compared to now.

  7. Cheating is wrong. Even kids know and understand as early as 3. As for a grown man and woman you know there is a pyschologic reason behind it.

    Men usually cheat because they are attracted to a woman and since they are the persuers in a relationship they find it challenge and want to conquer her. Also sex for a man is just physical most of the time. They don't usually wander off looking for another family.

    For women cheating is usually because of lack of affection at home. Either the husband is away or is neglectful of his wife.
    Women are simple as far as being happy with a man is concerned. If she is genuinely loved and cared for its very unlikely that she would cheat especially if children are concerned.

    All in all its best to get help rather than cheat. Its alot easier to go out and cheat for that short period of pleasure than pull a marraige together by facing problems head on.

    At times cheating is a blessing in disguise. If the man or woman isn't happy in a marriage cheating definetely is not the way to end it but is a sure sign.

  8. my relationship i am in now, my boyfriend of 4 years wants more than one girlfriend and im stunned. he says its because im not home enough because of school and work, he gets lonely. i believe men cheat on their wives and vice versa because they are not happy with what they signed up for. they thought marrage would be better, but it is the same as dating. and if u can cheat on your bf.gf you can cheat on your wife

  9. The interesting thing about cheating in marriage, is the fact that more half percent of men are involved. Although many are affected, very few are exposed and they become the scape-goats with all of hands pointing at them. What amuses me is how even people who are also involved, talk about others publicly.

    I believe it is not very easy to stop habits we know are not good for us.We may need the grace of God to be under control of ourselves.

  10. Men and women cheat, the cheat spends time with the person they are in a relationship with and the other man or woman. The cheat uses both parties while they decide whats best for them.they spend weeks, months even years making their minds up. They are week childish and have no moral code.If your the one their cheeting on with, your also being used, your feelings your well being and your heart are being abused. Both parties are now not to be trusted. What you have chosen to do will live with you for the rest of your life. Both of you will be less valued as a person, cheeters always trade down and thats a fact x

  11. Who can blame married men for cheating? Once they have seen their wife waddling around pregnant and then changing nappies, they know the next thing down the line is to watch her going through the menopause and getting old and wrinkly.

    Hence they take whatever chance they can get to live the single and fancy free way, before they ended up with a wife around their neck for life!