Friday, September 30, 2011

Breastfeeding in public - acceptable or not?

Breastfeeding is a controversial topic. Although it is completely natural, some are greatly offended when it is done in public. I can understand how it can be offensive if it is openly done in public, meaning the woman does not bother to cover herself appropriately, but I do not understand why it is such an issue if the woman takes care to cover up. Personally, I never breastfed my children in public. This was due to the fact that I was uncomfortable with it, however I do not take issue with women who do it, as long as it is not "in my face", so to speak. There were a few times, that I did have to do it, but I always covered up and never tried to draw attention to myself. Wowen in the past have been asked to leave public establishments if they breastfeed publicly, but laws state the women are allowed to do this. In some states, there are laws protecting nursing mothers. I do not understand why it is such an issue. It is more likely that a man would be offended or disgusted, whereas a woman would not have a problem with it. All of my friends who were nursing were always sensitive to offending people and always covered themselves. If they cover themselves then I do not believe this should be a problem, no matter the location. When a baby is in need of feeding, breastfeeding is most convenient and also a much healthier means for the baby. It amazes me that women have to be given the "right" to breastfeed in public venues. There are laws as to how much of one's breast is allowed to show in public, and I do understand this, as I do not want to look at another women's breast. I do however believe women should have the right to do this whenever neccessary. Why should a woman be exiled to a bathroom? How can something so natural cause such conflict? Are women supposed to stay cooped up for a year, which is the median length the women traditionally breast feed? How are they supposed to attend to their duties, such as: grocery shopping and running errands. Although, mothers can prepare ahead by feeding at home, there are times that the babies will need to feed again because they have been out and about for a longer period of time. Women often are offered negative critiscms or dirty looks. What is the difference between a nursing animal and a nursing mother? Nothing in my eyes. As I stated earlier, this is a natural and neccessary process. People should not be so judgemental and need to get over it.


  1. I do not understand those who criticise breastfeeding women. I have two kids and I breastfed them both for one year. I beleive that breastfeeding is healthier than formula. The problem is when you go somewhere in a big city you cannot always find a place to hide and breastfeed your children. And babies cannot wait until you get home when they are hungry. But I always covered myself because I felt uncomfortable when someone looked at me. I think those people who make an issue from breastfeeding do not have their own children and they do not understand young mothers. May be they have to ask their own mothers for advice?

  2. I personally have no children therefore have never needed to breastfeed in public. I understand the importance of breastfeeding your children, but I prefer if women cover up or do it somewhere private. Breastfeeding is a completely natural thing, however so is making a bowel movement and having sexual intercourse but you usually don’t see others doing that in public without getting arrested or others feeling uncomfortable. There are many natural things in the world that are best left to be private. Having laws in place just helps regulate society and keep order. There are laws about being naked and going to the bathroom in public.